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We aim to satisfy the cravings of our customers with both a sweet tooth and savoury palette. This can be seen in our menu with the simple, yet diverse selection of foods and drinks. Our flagship product is a twisted ice cream with unique consistency – a must-try during the summer! We also offer a variety of waffles with customisable options for creative minds and some propositions of our favourite compositions. Other groups of products are our sandwiches and baguettes. With unique combination of ingredients on our sandwiches and the traditional Polish baguettes full of cheese and other goods.


The products we offer were present during our childhoods back home and provided a great deal of happiness to everyone there – after moving to the UK, this has been missing. Our plan is to introduce these products to the United Kingdom and to bring this happiness to the people who miss it. We will also give the wider community something that they will love, so that the joy can be shared. We believe that people who have never seen it, will love it from the moment they see it.

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